Are the actors allowed to touch you?

Our Actors will not intentionally touch you. However, in order to intensify the scare, they will get extremely close. That is their JOB. With that being said, no patron is allowed to purposely touch or harm our actors, props, sets, and animatronics. Our cameras are always rolling and security keeps a watchful eye on all that goes on both in and outside our haunt. Verbal or physical violence of any kind will not be tolerated and you will be escorted out immediately should you choose to break the rules. No refunds!

Is Granton Manor Haunt open if it's raining?

Yes, within reason. The majority of our haunt is covered and can still run under wet conditions. Should severe weather threaten the operation of our haunt, we will close for the safety of our staff and patrons. In the event of a closure those who have already purchased tickets will be offered a rain check ticket. This ticket will allow you to come back on another night of operation. Make sure to check our social media channels for any weather or operational updates.

Do I get a refund if I am too scared to finish or walk through the haunt?

NO! No refunds! This is a haunted attraction. You signed up to get scared! In fact, you may be asked to sign our "I was too scared to complete Granton Manor Haunt" board.  You don't get a prize or anything, but we get a good laugh out of it.

Is there security on site?

Yes. Security cameras, staff and officers are always watching.

Is smoking allowed?

No! For the safety of our guests and staff no smoking is permitted on the premises.

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