Granton Manor Haunt Anarchy

Granton Manor Haunt is a sinister haunt located in Summerville, South Carolina.

Our terrifying haunt is composed of several gut-wrenching walkthroughs that change each year. You can expect to find unsettling scenes, pneumatic props/frightronics, special effects and live actors around every corner to ensure we keep your adrenaline pumping.

Granton Manor Haunt is a gore-driven haunt and we do not apologize for that. For those requiring a low-key experience, we recommend you stick to the kid's haunt. The kids haunt is rated G to PG 13 and will not contain any gore or explicit language. The kid's haunt is always free of charge and candy is provided.

Should you choose to take your little gremlin with you through the darker portion of the haunt, please note that our actors will remain in character and feed off of fear. We DO NOT offer refunds for those too scared to complete any of the walkthroughs. Please be sure to read all of our Warnings and Disclaimers before purchasing tickets.

Granton Edge Lane • Summerville S.C.

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